Membership Committees

Advocacy -Education

This committee audits local, state and federal activity regarding asthma and related activity.

Adjunct areas of concern include clean air, tobacco, second-hand smoke and legislative allocation of funds within these areas.

The committee also coordinates professional education initiatives including in-service offerings, conferences and seminars; the review, development and distribution of asthma educational materials.

Promotes asthma educator credentialing and standards review. 

Oversees The Asthma Network of West Michigan Speakers' Bureau.  Members also serve as liaison to other professional organizations within the state.


The Finance Committee reviews expenses/revenues of the Asthma Network of West Michigan and assists the Manager in formulation of organizational and statistical budgets, which are submitted for Board approval.

Marketing and Membership

The Marketing & Membership Committee oversees the marketing and public relations efforts designed to increase community awareness of network services. 

The Committee also cultivates outside sources of revenue and public support including foundations and corporate sponsors, as well as coordinates the Asthma Network of West Michigan web site.

This committee recruits and retains members willing to contribute their time and talents to strengthen the organization.

The members gather knowledge and resources by actively participating in the Asthma Network of West Michigan and applying this knowledge in their sphere of influence.