Asthma Network of West Michigan members approached by potential new members will refer that person to the Asthma Network of West Michigan office (616-685-1430).

The prospective member’s telephone number, mailing address and e-mail address will be given to the Asthma Network of West Michigan office.

A membership application and information pack will be sent to the potential new member within 2 weeks after notification to the Asthma Network of West Michigan office.

Upon completion, the application will be returned to the Asthma Network of West Michigan office and processed by the office staff.  New members will be linked to committees and committee chairs as appropriate.  Mentors will be assigned to new members for the purpose of assisting with orientation to the purpose of the coalition and the role of members.

Members will become voting members after approval at a membership meeting.

At each membership meeting there will be a call for new members.

In order to maintain accurate data and a current list of all active coalition members, renewal forms will be distributed annually at the May meeting.  The membership list will be updated according to those who renew at this time.

In order to be considered a member in good standing, members must participate in at least one event per year (general or committee meetings, special projects, conferences, etc.) and complete their membership renewal annually in May.

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