Thanks for your interest in asthma and how the Asthma Network of West Michigan strives to improve the quality of life for individuals with asthma and those who care for them.

Whether you are a member of the community interested in serving in a volunteer capacity, an individual or family member seeking services as a result of this challenging disease, or a medical professional interested in learning more about this chronic illness, we offer many things that might be of benefit to you.

The Asthma Network of West Michigan has two different, but complementary goals: 1) to educate those caring for individuals with asthma -- the physicians, nurses, school and daycare personnel, parents and children and adults and family members -- using National Institutes of Health (NIH) materials and 2) to intensively case-manage low-income children  and adults with moderate to severe asthma.  The achievement of both these goals, we believe, leads to a decrease in the morbidity and mortality associated with asthma - the mission of the Asthma Network of West Michigan. 

The Asthma Network of West Michigan began in 1994 when several individuals from area health care institutions and asthma support groups joined forces to centralize asthma resources and focus on collaboration and education.  In 1997, we were awarded 501(c)(3) status and set about our mission.  Our volunteer members represent hospitals, pharmacists, physician offices, nursing organizations, schools and managed care organizations from West Michigan. 

We encourage you to begin learning more by reviewing the information provided within this website.  If you want to contact us or connect with one of the additional information resources, please click on "Contact Us."

The Board of Directors and Staff of the Asthma Network of West Michigan

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